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PROJECT NOTES:  Channel improvements and bridge replacements are required to contain the 100-year ultimate floodplain. A 20 ft bottom width trapezoidal concrete lined channel is proposed from the existing detention pond outfall to 150 ft upstream of San Juan. The channel transitions to a 20 ft bottom width to a 25 ft bottom width channel at the Sligo St bridges. Sligo, Esma, and San Juan require 40 ft span bridge replacements. Presa St bridge requires a 60 ft span bridge replacement. Bridge widths will account for future installation of 5' sidewalks, which matches adjacent Esma Bond project. The proposed conveyance improvements will reduce the flooding extents to remove several structures from the floodplain and resolve flooding issues on Siluria St. No channel improvements are proposed from the confluence to 150 ft downstream of Presa St as the flooding limits are controlled by the Unnamed Tributary spill flows. Modifications to the Brookside Tributary in this area will not have downstream adverse impacts and do not impact downstream floodplain limits.

Public Works will continue to communicate any changes as the project progresses. Project construction is estimated to begin Summer 2025 and is anticipated to be substantially complete by Spring 2027.





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