The goal of a revised Complete Streets Policy is to create streets that are inclusive, well-connected, and designed to accommodate a variety of transportation modes, fostering a more sustainable and livable community.

To help us understand what’s important to you, we’d like you to share if you agree or disagree with a few statements.

After you’ve reviewed any statements, you’ll have the option to add your own for others to consider.

Consensus is a crowd-sourced prioritization tool built to help communities understand viewpoints that are shared across many people.

With a better understanding of what viewpoints are shared, we can start on common ground and work towards solutions that meet the greatest need.

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Think about the street outside your home. What's missing? What could be better? To achieve a "Complete Street" in your neighborhood, choose your top three:

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Do you have any additional comments regarding Complete Streets and our plan to revise the policy? Let us know!

Watch the video below of our recent public meeting on April 3, 2024. 

For your review: the current DRAFT of the Complete Streets Policy revisions can be located by clicking HERE. There are downloadable versions of the draft and original policy, too. They are located under the "document" section of this website.