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Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board

Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board

The Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board hears and decides appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the building official or the Fire Chief relative to the application and interpretations of Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and specific articles in Chapter 28 of the City Code. In addition, the board shall review building-related and fire codes issues when requested to do so by the building official or Fire Chief, and shall provide a recommendation to the building official or Fire Chief. The board may form committees to advise it on specific matters, as the purpose of code review committees is to review the newly published codes and to receive public comments on these codes and their associated amendments.

The Board comprises 17 voting members and 17 alternates who are qualified by experience and training to act on building-related and fire codes, and who may not be employees of the city. They each shall serve a two-year term with a limit of three consecutive two-year terms and must reside in the City unless the City Council waives the residency requirement. A quorum is met if nine of the appointed members or their appointed member alternates are present for appeals and advisory board and for the committees if the majority members are present; a committee shall have no less than four members and not more than seven members. 

The 17 primary voting members are comprised as follows: a structural engineer; a fire protection engineer; an electrical engineer; a plumbing engineer or a mechanical engineer; an architect; two building contractors registered by the City; two master electricians; two air conditioning and refrigeration contractors; a master plumber; a commercial building contractor; a commercial building owner, manager, or their representative; a Residential Group R-2 multi-family building owner, manager, or their representative; and a master sign electrician. The master electrician, air conditioning and refrigeration contractors, and master plumber must have one member and one alternate for both an open and organized labor shop. All must be licensed or registered by the State of Texas unless otherwise noted, and each category listed shall have the number of members noted and the same number of alternates. 

The BRFCAAB does not have regularly scheduled meetings but meets when an appeal of the Building Official's or Fire Marshal's Decision has been submitted, or when the Building Official or Fire Marshal requests the Board to advise on a code issue. The board must meet within 14 calendar days of receiving an appeal. The board meets within the Board Room at 1901 S. Alamo St.

Liaison: Jeremy L. McDonald – (210) 207-0265.

Apply for the Building-Related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board here.

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