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SHIP Public Meetings

SHIP Public Meetings

SHIP logoIn 2020, the City of San Antonio began work on a Strategic Housing Implementation Plan (SHIP) to actualize strategies presented in the Housing Policy Framework that was adopted by City Council in 2018. This work includes determining timelines, partners, specific action steps and funding approaches. Additionally, the 10-year target housing production goals are being adjusted upward to account for a broader range of community needs through a recalibration effort that ensures the Framework’s requirement that solutions be data-driven is indeed the case.

The SHIP will be developed in collaboration with community and housing stakeholders and will include an outreach and input process to receive community input that will be overseen by the Housing Commission. This process aligns with the first HPF action item to “Develop a coordinated housing system”.

The SHIP will continue the focus on the five large goals of the HPF which include:

  • Develop a Coordinated Housing System
  • Increase City Investment in Housing with a 10-Year Funding Plan
  • Increase Affordable Housing Production, Rehabilitation, and Preservation
  • Protect and Promote Neighborhoods
  • Ensure Accountability to the Public

City staff works closely with an 8-person steering committee and contracted facilitator. Together, this group has created four stakeholder forums to provide feedback on the SHIP progress. The stakeholder forums include:

  • Residents and Community Advocates
  • Real Estate & Developers
  • Affordable Housing Developers
  • Housing Policy

The public comment period is now closed. Neighborhood & Housing Services Department will present a final draft with community feedback to City Council on December 16th. If you would like to sign up to help develop policies in the SHIP, please email us at [email protected].

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