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Renters' Solutions Subcommittee of the Housing Commission

Renters' Solutions Subcommittee of the Housing Commission

On January 26, 2022, the Housing Commission formed the newly named Renters’ Solutions Subcommittee (RSS) . The subcommittee consists of nine members: two Housing Commissioners, four renters, and three property owners or property managers. The Housing Commission voted to have Commissioners Johnson and Davila serve as the Commissioner representatives on the RSS. The full list of reccommended appointees were voted into their positions on May 25th, 2022.

The charge of this subcommittee is as follows: Advise the Housing Commission on renter-related issues including, but not limited to: Emergency rental assistance; tenants’ rights & legal Aid; education, outreach, & training; and legislative items.

The goals of this subcommittee are as follows: (1) make recommendations to Housing Commission on renter-related issues, (2) ensure renters have a voice on renter-related issues that are part of Commission conversations, (3) encourage development of relationships and understanding between property managers and renters.

There are currently no upcoming meetings for this committee.

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